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Contact Alex Mouzas

Contact Alex MouzasFor e-mail correspondence, you may contact Alex, who speaks both Greek and English, using the feedback form below for information about Papingo and Real Estate for sale in Papingo.

You can also call or text directly to 1-207-284-5635. Please remember, it is a Boston time zone which is 7 hours behind Greece's time zone.

Or if you prefer, you may call Niko ( he speaks Greek, English and other languages) in Papingo, Greece at: 30 693 266-4232. Niko will help with all things in Papingo including restaurant and hotel bookings for individuals and groups and can arrange for all Papingo activities. He can also show the properties which are for sale.

If you do not get a reply from us quickly, it means we did not receive your message and you can use our email directly: